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Demo finished! (16/07/21)

what is Clouzy!

Explore the world alongside your flying pet, collect delicious fruits, and cook tasty meals to look after your cloud daycare in this cute and wholesome farming game.


  • Take care of your cloud daycare, by feeding and playing with cute clouds who need attention and lots of love.
  • Explore a colourful world with diverse biomes, and gather different ingredients to cook delicious meals your clouds will love.
  • Complete your journal with your own adventures and experiences from special locations all over the world.
  • Always alongside your flying pet, who will be there to support you and lend you a paw whenever you need it!


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Steam: store.steampowered.com/app/1493360/Clouzy/

Twitter: twitter.com/TinyMoonTeam

Discord: discord.gg/rqgB7z9

Web: tinymoon.es

Presskit: tinymoon.es/press/sheet.php?p=clouzy!

Support: support@tinymoon.es

Note: Fully supported in gamepad & mouse/keyboard.

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I'm really into pets and Animal crossing theme games lately, so this one gets a huge plus ! Cute art style and characters ! :D :D :D 


Ohhhh! It's really great that you found our game then! Thank you for playing! (ɔ◔‿◔)ɔ ♥


Omg, I'm glad that it's back!! Excited to play the demo now that school's over. :D

It's back and stronger as ever! Hope you have fun and thanks for playing!


From what I see from the screenshots it's fluffing adorable, I'm so excited to play the demo! I'll update later


Hope you like it! We are putting all our love developing it! ʕ•͡౪•ʔ 


It was really good! I like it so far though I kind of got lost. I got what I needed for the very first quest and couldn't find my way back. I think I'm a bit dumb with the navigation but the game was pretty fun!

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Oh, thank you! Comments like this make our day for sure!

You have a map on the tablet (TAB or ESC), that could help to navigate the map! 

Again, thanks for playing!!! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

can i download this or is it gone

Hello! (。・ω・。)

Six days ago, we announced that the download for the game will be gone for now. We don't believe that the alpha resembles what we intend to offer in future development.

More info here

We've kept developing the game and hope to make announcements soon. If you're interested, our social media is active!  (≧∇≦)/


I love it, its artwork blows me away, are you going to port to other platforms and make it commercial? It looks and feels really nice although it was a bit laggy on my old computer and the controls do not feel very smooth, it feels like when I move forward I glide after I stop and I don't not have full control over my player.

Owww, ty for playing!

Yeah, we are working to make this project happen, not quite sure right now about porting to other platforms, but we will see ^^

For all the lag and problems u may have, we are making some fixes in the optimization asap and taking into account the feedback all of you gave us! Stay tuned and we may update this alpha so all that problems could be fixed :3


:), I can't wait to see the progress of the game! Good luck!


Awww, these color palette *-*

Yeah! We have two amazing artists!

Ty for leaving a comment <3


love it! congratz ♥